A Fresh Start - Don't Let It Stop You

New beginnings are tough for our naturally change evasive human nature. We seek security and stability in a dynamic fast changing world where nothing stays the same - most definitely not people's lives. People live and die daily at such a rate that it's like natures way of changing socks. We're consistently thrust into circumstances that are beyond our control and we start seeking a deeper meaning, an understanding of why this is all happening. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to why. Not religion nor science can give you an answer that is provable.That is why in a constantly evolving world, everyone clings to a sense of security. How absurd is that? Imagined if we lived a little bit more for today, how that could enrich our lives and the world.

Drop the pretences and embrace the temporary. There are few things in life we can control. Only our mindset and choices are controllable. Never be afraid of a fresh start and be willing to take a few risks to step out of this illusion. People chase their dreams and success like they are going to live forever. Putting themselves through the hard daily grind above all. Feeding themselves the mantra of I will achieve success or my dream and I'll be happy.  But, hold on, stop and ask yourself , is what I'm doing now making me happy now? If it is, then without a doubt you're living well today and have an even brighter future ahead of you. People are ingrained with the belief of No Pain, No Gain but if you're not enjoying the pain the gain isn't worth it. We spend most of our lives working and unfortunately in our modern world there is often an association between working and pain. That's a very miserable existence. Seek the job that captivates you, what is fun for you and chase it like your life depends on it -because it does. The start is what stops most people, don't let it stop you  


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