A Good Story

Everyone wants to hear a good story, even the one's that don't read. You manage to write a good story, your audience will go beyond just readers. Only around 30% percent of the world's adult population reads for pleasure but they all like a good story. We find the entertainment world inundated with possible book to movie adaptations and its become a dream of many authors to join the elite #BookToMovie club. Therefore, first and foremost, when you start the process of creating your novel - focus on bringing to life the best story possible. Forget it's commercial appeal, you need to enjoy writing it. If you thoroughly enjoyed writing and reading every chapter in your book, you have a chance at success. There has to be millions of like minded people that will share your enjoyment. This holds true as long as you are not an artistic oddball (a statistical anomaly)  or a below par writer.  

Always approach your writing from a readers perspective. As a reader you know exactly what makes a good story. You have definitely read more than a couple of epic books in your genre otherwise you would have never been drawn to writing and telling your own story. No matter what your niche is, from action heroes to refugee camp bio's, there is a format to the flow that makes the story enticing. At every stage ask yourself the hard question of whether you find your own material still compelling. You don't need to mimic any particular flow or format but keep re-reading every section you write and be honest with yourself whether you find it an enjoyable read, particularly after you have left your manuscript alone for a few weeks. You may have started well, but the middle or end could be stale or vice a versa. In any case, these are factors that beta readers and your editor will be more than happy to point out. My suggestion is that you ask yourself the hard questions before you even get the editorial feedback. The journey from manuscript until showtime is a long one, ensure that you do your maximum to wear a reader's glasses and not the emotionally attached writer's ones.

Thanks for reading and we are all waiting for your incredible Story to come to life. Bring it on!

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