A Writer's Paradise

Writing can be a pretty solitary activity, either way you cut it, the majority of the time it's just you and your mind. A therapeutic process where you can combine self expression and creativity. It's an art form that engrosses your mind and captivates your soul. Weeks become days, months become weeks and before you know it - you've weathered the storm. Writing helped me deal with the loss of my Dad and a general rough patch in 2018. I never really took writing seriously beforehand but it's never too late to find writer's paradise.  

You don't have to be a professional, you just have to enjoy it. In life nothing matters if you don't enjoy. So, no matter how grammatically correct or incorrect you think your level of writing is....it's irrelevant....just write. This is something that should be first and foremost about you. A gateway to your creative mind. Once you tap into that, it's an extraordinarily fulfilling experience. No one can take that away from you, so write primarily for yourself and don't forget to dream along the way.

For sure there will be many people that will critic your style, your approach - WHO CARES. You don't need to have an MFA in creative to string a few sentences together. Rather focus on being a good storyteller and you never know, there maybe a couple of other people out there that enjoy your writing as well. A dream come true for any budding author. 

 "A word said, is fleeting as the wind. A word written is set in stone." A.B Alexander.

Thanks for reading.

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