Believe In The Impossible - You're More Than a Statistic

There is a statistic for everything and 99% percent of the time these stats are right. If you search any industry or field and google the probability of success then you going to be greatly disheartened. Whether you want to be a successful actor, sports star, entertainer, writer or entrepreneur - you're going to go through the ringer and the stats are mounted against you. The beginning is an uphill climb because you cannot imagine even how much further you have to go and whether you'll ever see the summit. 

Let's discuss the most applicable example to writer's, self-publishing. There're over 1 million books self published in a calendar year and less than 1% of these works sell more than 1000 copies. Writing a book is a tough, time consuming project, that requires unwavering dedication and utter belief. There are a lot of easier ways to make money. You look at the stats and the average author makes $500 per year on sales. That's going to deter most people from even starting or completing their project. The START is what STOPS most people. So how can I beat the stats?

Obviously releasing a quality product and giving your best is the basics. However, this goes much further in my opinion. You have to live with the belief and understanding that the stats don't apply to you. You're above the stats. They apply to everybody else BUT not to you and I'm not talking about wishy-washy belief. You have to reprogram your mind with that belief. The moment you live with a vision of success, you'll rise much further than you ever wished or imagined. Your commitment and performance will be unrivalled. You know why this works? Since statistically 99% of people don't think that way. They're the so-called "realists". They live with the "what you see is what you get" from life attitude. They are bound to join the global failure statistics. Therefore, if you think "out of the stats," the success rates will not be applicable to you and your chances of making it soar through the roof. Instead of being 1 in a million, just be the one. There is no one-in-a-million for you. There IS JUST YOU.






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