Your Best Picks This Week

As another week flies by, its time for some fresh reads. Here are this weeks top three books that will keep you thoroughly entertained. All the links below are for Amazon's kindle version.  Reading is a journey of the mind, enjoy this weeks ride:

The Wolf and the Watchman by Niklas Natt och Dag

The Wolf and the Watchman by Niklas Matt och Dag

Another thriller coming from the Swedish author's stable, seems like there is a new title every week. The Swedes definitely know how to spin a gripping novel together and this international best seller is right up there with one of the best historical thrillers in many years. It is set in eighteenth century Stockholm and will delve you deep into the dark streets, crimes and personal sacrifices of this time. The precise period is Autumn of 1793, so get ready to travel back in time in this intricately constructed historical thriller.

A Fire Story - Brian Fies 

A Fire Story by Brian Fies

This book depicts the tragic wildfires that burned through North Carolina in October 2017 that resulted in 44 fatalities and with almost 9000 structures and homes destroyed. The author Brian Fies was among the victims of the this tragic event and  lost virtually all his possessions. He created The Fire Story shortly after the tragic events and posted it online. Unsurprisingly, the webcomic instantly went viral. He has now expanded the original webcomic to include accounts of other members of the community. This is a moving, honest account of this tragic wildfire.

Deaf Republic: Poems by Ilya Kaminsky

Deaf Republic: Poems by Ilya Kamnsky

 Ilya Kaminsky's highly anticipated Deaf Republic touches on the atrocities occurring in our modern age and how the collective stands by idly. The story follows the individual lives of townspeople engulfed by public violence in an occupied country. This is an artistic masterpiece by a highly talented Russian writer. In 2009, poems from Ilya Kaminsky's manuscript, Deaf Republic, were awarded Poetry magazine's Levinson Prize. If you're a fan of poetry, already can't wait for this one to be released...and if you're not a fan of poetry, you're about to become one. 

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