Books of the Week

The books of the week are intriguing, gripping and will tantalize your emotional tastebuds. Here is your selected line-up of top three picks:

Vacuum in The Dark by Jen Beagin

Vacuum In The Dark

This exhilarating novel is written by Jen Beagin, the award winning author of Pretend I'm Dead. It tells the story of Mona, a 26 year old house cleaner that moves to Taos, New Mexico. Mona gets personal with many of her clients (including a disturbing affair) which spirals her into an emotional journey of self discovery. She must reconcile with her troublesome past to settle on the future. This novel can be hysterically funny and morbidly upsetting at times, so have plenty of tissues on hand.


The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie

The Raven Tower

Ann Leckie is New York Times bestselling author debuting in the fantasy genre with the The Raven Tower. She captivates the imagination by intertwining the fate of divine beings and men into an intricately crafted showpiece. Let your imagination run wild with this showstopper and it's not just for the lovers of fantasy.

After She's Gone by Camille Grebe

 After She's Gone by Camille Grebe

Another Swedish crime novel that will make your nail clippers redundant. There have been many Swedish authors that have written enthralling thrillers and Camilla Grebe's After She's Gone only strengthens the appeal of Swedish works. The story is of a murder of a little girl in small Swedish town over 10 years ago. A psychological profiler and an investigator are sent to the town to find out what happened. The profiler suffers memory lapses and is required to jot down details in the diary in order to avoid losing her job. So when the body of the little girl is found together with a shoe of the profiler, her diary holds the clues. This is another brilliantly mysterious Nordic crime novel and I wouldn't be surprised it's also adapted to the big screen.

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