COVID-19 Challenges - Looking Ahead to a New Dawn

Hello Guys,

Firstly a short update - The release of my new book Eye For Her will be slightly delayed by a few months due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

It has been a while since my last blog post, been pressed with work and running the rat race. I guess one of the upsides, if there are any, during the Coronavirus pandemic is that it gives you some time to pause and reflect. To lift your head up for some air and rethink what's important...and to write a long-overdue blog post :).

I think that the world needed a breather, and no doubt grounded airplanes and reduced production will certainly help climate change, it is just unfortunate that it took a deadly virus to get everybody to pause for a moment.  When I wrote The Voss Coin, it touched on a global doomsday scenario through the collapse/change of the financial system. I think that when the virus does eventually blow over and the world is left to pick up the pieces, this will be humanity's biggest challenge yet.

I hope to speak to you guys again soon in better times and with the announcement of the release of my new book.

Stay safe, follow instructions and always show solidarity. 

A.B. Alexander






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