HYPE - The Snowball Effect

After discussing the Self Vs Traditional Publishing option and your digital marketing mediums, the next big goal is Hype. Actually, it's more of a dream goal than a realistic one, but hey reach for the stars right? You've gone through the painstaking process of writing, editing and promoting your novel. All that's left is to think/dream big and plan for the Hype. A dream without a plan remains a dream. So what is Hype exactly? 

Hype, is the equivalent of a social media post gone viral. Your written work get's sensationalized and word spreads quicker than wildfire. The reason I say sensationalized because their is a lot of Hyped up books out there, that weren't that great in my opinion and that's putting it lightly. A lie travels around the world before truth can step out the front door. The moment you've got Hype surrounding your novel, it's a runaway train that ain't stopping.

Sounds cool, how can I get some Hype?

Unfortunately, everything is about commercial potential and monetization. How sellable is your concept and material? Will it speak to wider audience? 

Let's say that you answer yes to both of the above. I think that the only way you have a realistic shot at garnering Fifty Shades style hype is by getting one of the big five publishers to sign you on. That's the core of the Hype, the initial and powerful group, that controls our reading material. If they are excited about your work, Hype is going to travel fast. At the end of the day, we flock like sheep to check what's all the Hype about. Whether that's good or bad, I will leave you guys to decide on that one.   



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