Liberty, More Than A Statue

Whenever you think what is the most important aspect in life, happiness is everything. If you are not happy, nothing has meaning. You have to wonder then, why a majority of the governments efforts and budget go towards stabilizing the economy. Money doesn't make you happy. Financial security is great but it's an illusion like everything else. We live in a dynamic world and your fortunes can turn on the flip of a dime. We all seek stability, but everything changes. What matters most is your mental resilience and emotional well being. If you are inherently positive and happy, then life can literally be a walk in the park. However, one of the most common challenges in the modern era is battling depression and mental health. Taking this into account, wouldn't it make more sense for the government to invest it's resources in creating recreational centres, parks and proper mental health support. If the countries citizens are predominately happy and mentally resilient, then certainly factors such as economy and security should flourish?

The reason why governments primarily place their efforts in driving the economy is because a healthy economy gives people freedom. A sound economic environment provides people with choices. This is something the government can control, whereas if they invest in mental health support and recreation it is not guaranteed that it's citizen's will be happy. At the end of the day, happiness is a choice. If you have freedom, you have choices and that is the symbolism of the Statue of Liberty.  Unfortunately, the majority of us take freedom for granted and therefore do not make the right choices.  

Freedom = Choices = Potential Happiness 

The Voss Coin is a story of liberation and survival. Freedom is everything, happiness is a choice like many other. Make the right one.




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