No Deal BREXIT - A Farce By The Masses

This is the beginning of the end for Brexit. Last night, Theresa May's proposed Brexit deal was crushed by 230 votes by UK MP's, the biggest government defeat in history. Somehow, the UK finds itself in one of the most farcical situations in modern times. The question we are all asking ourselves, not just the British, is why? How did we end up here to begin with? The answer to that question is just one word - REFERENDUM. If the government can't reach a decision because of each MP's personal agenda then let the public decide. The problem with that approach is that the public is not competent in making political decisions of such importance. The masses do not see or understand the full picture and the resulting implications. That's why we have politicians in the first place, to represent the public on key political elements that are not one dimensional.

Placing the responsibility of a Brexit on public opinion cost David Cameron his job and rightly so. He was certain the public would vote in his favour and choose remain. Oh, what a lovely surprise.The public is unpredictable, guided mainly by sheepish like hype and the media.This situation should have been avoided at all costs. The unfortunate thing, is that there is now talk of another referendum. Amazing, that the government did not learn it's lesson the first time round. If you let the masses decide you are bound for a farce of monumental proportions. They need a strong leader (AKA Winston Churchill) to step up and scrap the whole Brexit idea and move on. It just isn't feasible and will be detrimental for all sides involved. When the UK government was pressing Churchill to cut a deal with the invading Nazi Germans, could you imagine if he left the decision to a referendum?  I think many more millions of lives would have been lost. The idea of a referendum is unconstitutional and negates fundamentals of electoral democracy. 

Oh, Dear Mr. Churchill how the world needs more people like you.


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