Self Vs Traditional Publishing - It's A No Brainer

Many budding authors are often faced with this dilemma, should I go the self-publishing route? A process that is getting simpler by the day, or should I seek to get traditionally published? A significantly more arduous process, that entails finding an agent that will know how to submit the proper pitch to publishing houses that stand head and shoulders above the ever-mounting pile that publishers have to sift through.

The main problem I see with self-publishing is that there are over 1 million books released each year, so your chances of rising above the noise are close to none. Think of it this way, have you ever tried to post something on social media with the intention of it going viral? The probability is extremely slim. So unless you are a digital marketing guru, already famous or have a prominent social media following, the probability of your book getting noticed is low - it doesn't matter how compelling the storytelling is. 

There are also many pitfalls to traditional publishing such as lower royalties, you are still responsible for marketing your work and the lengthy duration that it takes for your book to hit the shelves. However, despite these drawbacks, I think that being part of a leading publishing house gives you a significant advantage over the rest of the playing field. This is your rubber stamp that you are an author, you have people that believe in your work and are willing to put down money to back it up. If you are ever lucky enough to get a traditional publishing contract, don't pass it up.

Whatever route you choose to go, the chance of your book becoming the next Fifty Shades Of Grey, The Da Vinci Code or The Alchemist is less than one in a million. However, I was never a big fan of statistics. You have to believe in your work otherwise nobody ever will. Don't let the numbers discourage you; reality is a fickle foe. You have come this far, complete your journey.

List of Top Traditional Publishers:

Penguin Random House

Simon & Schuster




List of Top Self Publishing Platforms:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)




Book Baby





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