The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Book Review

The Art of War was written over two thousand years ago by the legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu. Surprisingly, it is just as relevant today as on the day it was written. This is the most influential book in history on military strategy and is studied by most military academies. You may wonder to yourself, that's great but it doesn't really apply to me because I'm not in the military and I don't plan on waging any wars. Fair point, but I will explain to you how this book is an absolute must read for everyone.

The type of military strategy discussed in The Art of War is applicable to every industry. In our modern world, with the ever increasing population, the competition is getting hotter all the time. Whatever industry you're in, you're competing against someone for success and recognition. I wouldn't go as far as to call your competition the enemy but in terms of The Art Of War this analogy fits rather perfectly. Sun Tzu describes that best sort of victory as being one that can be achieved without fighting. If somebody stand's in your way, reach your objective peacefully and do the maximum to avoid conflict and escalating tensions.

If you want to keep progressing in life you've got to be one step ahead of the competition (your so- called "enemy") always. It's not just about seeking success, sometimes you need to just protect your position. If you not going forwards then you going backwards These excerpts by Sun Tzu are priceless gems of wisdom, that can keep you ahead of the game. 

"Know your enemy and know yourself, and fight a hundred battles without danger."

"Know yourself but not your enemy, and win one battle but lose another."

Whether you're in business, sports, entertainment, technology, etc. - you need to know exactly what you're up against and what it's going to take for you to make it. The beauty of it all is that Sun Tzu observed that war should be the option of last resort. Just like in life, all too often, conflicts are unavoidable. If you have no choice and must wage your war, this excerpt from the Art of War sums it up:

"Given the nature of war, speed is essential."

The Art of War is complete with strategies and concepts that will keep you ahead of your competition and ensure that your battles are won. From becoming a better manager and ensuring that you and your team see eye to eye, to adjusting to "irregular warfare" and dealing with dynamic conditions and strategy - that is so often the case in our fast moving reality. The book is full of direct parallels that you can draw to your personal life. This is why I believe that it's a must read for everyone. It's actually the art of life not the art of war.

You can pick a copy of The Art of War by Sun Tzu from Amazon. It's available in all formats, including audiobook and kindle version. 

My upcoming Novel The Voss Coin, draws on a lot of these lessons to combine a gripping account of defeating the enemy of the worst kind through irregular strategy and well timed strikes.




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