Will The Real Satoshi Please Stand Up

One of the most groundbreaking innovations of the modern era is blockchain technology. Its uses are so varied that it can advance almost any industry and as our world continues to be more depend on technology, I believe that we will be fully blockchain dependent  - right down to personal identity. Since blockchain technology is just over 10 years old, it's taking businesses and governments time to adapt and learn its advantages. But have no doubt, blockchain is the future basis of almost everything. 

I haven't mentioned anything new to you guys up until now, the advantages of blockchain have been heavily written about and discussed in the media. It was also the basis for the first and highly controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin. What's the most surprising about all this, is that nobody know's who is the inventor?  I repeat, NOBODY. The inventor of Bitcoin calls himself Satoshi Nakomoto and that's it. No other details about the person are known. Now, in today's highly media orientated and digital world that is no small feat. I would go as far as saying that this is JUST as impressive as inventing the technology itself. The other question you have to ask yourself, is why the secrecy? Why not take credit for such a groundbreaking innovation that's reshaping our world?

Even if we say that Satoshi was/is a libertarian, seeking a financial Utopia - today there is no longer a justifiable reason to remain secretive. Bitcoin was dubbed the biggest economic bubble in history and the largest social experiment ever. We can now safely say, it was a failure. It will be never be a mainstream currency since it's purpose was to circumvent our traditional payment system not work from within it. That was never going to happen.

Is there is a dark and sinister secret regarding the Founder or the purpose of the technology?

My novel The Voss Coin is a prelude to the future,  where our entire financial system becomes blockchain dependent and a cryptocurrency replaces traditional money. You are thrust deep into the secret nature surrounding cryptocurrency and it's foundations.  It's a mind altering journey of sex, greed, danger and self discovery. You never know, it may just take a successful fictional novel to draw Mr. Satoshi out into the limelight. Any great innovator deserves to be recognised.


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