The Voss Coin - A Prelude To The Future

We live in a past paced world with an ever increasing daily digital consumption. A lot of us live and work within in our screens for the majority of our waking hours. Whether that's good or bad is another matter, it's reality. The tech companies are going to major lengths to ensure that we can consume more easily and achieve our objectives. That is a positive no doubt. However within our current digital ecosystem there is a fundamental flaw, the payments system.

Nowadays, I can order a cab through UBER, order food through UBER EATS. I can enter most leading retailers and pay by Apple or Google Pay just by tapping my mobile. This is a secure and seamless process, which happens to be "almost" completely digital. The reason I say "almost" and here comes the bizarre part, this entire process is digitally linked to my credit card which is also digitally linked to my account and it comes...its linked to my PHYSICAL CASH. Yeah it's weird right, in 2019 we are still using physical cash like in 5000 B.C, surely it's time to move on. Physical cash movement is neither efficient nor secure as the blockchain technology. It also enables a significant amount of illicit activity. So what's the solution? Well, certainly not Bitcoin which has a shady history circumventing the current financial system. It is shrouded with a very dark past and illicit activity. This yields us to the creation of the Voss Coin, the first ever regulated digital currency incorporated into our current traditional payment system. As you will read in my book, it comes with it's own set of thrilling challenges but it enables complete security and efficiency. Moving money across our global village will be no harder than the tap of a button on your mobile. Instant and simple. Financial institutions would replace unknown individuals as the "Miners" within this new digital protocol. Forget Libertarian and Utopian beliefs, that's unsustainable in the real world. Rather, we need to focus on making our lifestyle as efficient as possible. 

The Kevin Voss story is more than about revolutionizing the world's financial system, it is a story of survival in a modern world, protecting your loved ones and tactical brilliance. A pageturner novel that will leave you enthralled. 

Although the Voss Coin is fictional, I believe it is the prelude to the future. Welcome to my window and thanks for reading.


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