The Voss Coin - Shakedown

Kevin Voss is faced with a frightening dilemma, risk losing his family and freedom or comply with their demands that will change everything. There are times when you are faced with a choice but in reality there is none. The only option is to comply and gather intelligence, find a weak spot in their scheme. They are ruthless, meticulous and have planned this for years. Every action has an immediate reaction, a deadly consequence. Every step out of line, is paid with the blood of the innocent.

"No, there must be a way. I will find it." - Kevin Voss

Uncovering the truth is worse than not knowing at all. If you don't know, you harbour hopes of things returning back to normal. Getting your life back, regaining a sense of normality and routine. The truth has shattered many hopes and dreams but most of us still prefer to know it. Kevin is no different. The enemy is of the worst kind. The type that can erase your memory and that of your loved one's for eternity and no one will bat an eyelid. 

"I will do this for Lucy and the boys, that's all that matters" - Kevin Voss

He would not sacrifice his family for the greater good. Although, their scheme was equivalent to a financial atomic bomb and the world was going to pay an unprecedented price, he had no choice. His fate was sealed and millions of people would feel the ripple effect. Hunted by everyone, there were no good guys he could turn too. Justice was waiting and nobody could survive. Isolated, afraid and running on survival instincts, he gathers himself like a wounded warrior.  

"Stay alive! As long as I'm alive I will find a way." - Kevin Voss

He had a weapon that very few have, his mind. A new kind of war was coming.

Thanks for reading, just a small brief about my upcoming novel The Voss Coin. More to come.




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