The Voss Coin - Suicide To Save Your Family

Kevin is faced with a hard choice. Suicide would end it all. If he was dead, his family would be safe. His enemies would not seek retribution, they would not kill for no gain. It would be the ultimate selfless final act and his family could continue life without him. Or would it be? This a question he is faced with and there is no pussyfooting around it. I believe this question has it's unfortunate parallels in our world with the issue of euthanasia or so-called assisted suicide, in order to relieve a person of pain and suffering.  Do you place the priority of your loved ones ahead of yourself? Are you morally obliged to?. 

Most countries legally forbid the procedure of euthanasia. The main argument against it being that a person may feel pressured or obliged to go ahead with life termination in order to stop being a burden to their family. Whether it be, financial or physical care. Therefore, laws have been implemented to protect the sick and vulnerable from being exploited, since all life is considered sacred. They say that the law is blind but in this case it cannot be. It's a complete injustice to the people that are faced with this horrid dilemma. Each case needs to be investigated and presented before a judge and jury, exactly like for a murder case. There is a person's life at stake here, so society needs to step up and stop the laissez faire attitude. People in this situation will continue to seek private authorization to get the procedure done in legal jurisdictions and there will be lives lost that maybe should have been preserved. That is unacceptable. I don't believe any taxpayer in his right mind would be against his country creating the legal framework to deal with such cases. There is also a religious aspect to this argument but I am solely discussing the legal implications here. The law is not based on religion. This is very difficult topic to discuss and I'm neither knowledgeable enough or understand the legal framework behind the current law. I merely sharing my humble opinion on an issue that I feel strongly about but am grappling to understand. 

Returning back to my novel. Kevin Voss does make a choice but I will leave you guys to be the judge of whether you think it was the morally correct one. 

Thank you for reading.


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