The Voss Coin - The Book Cover

One of the most fun and exciting stages in creating a novel is when you need to decide on the cover design. The reason I say that, is because you're towards the end of your project and your baby is coming to life. That crazy idea you had in your head is now ready for the physical world. Something that people can see, relate to and thoroughly enjoy. I actually developed the cover before I had finished writing The Voss Coin. Once I was decided on the title, I set about creating the cover. It gave me a sense of realism and motivation to dedicate more time to writing and bring my novel into the world. Another important aspect to deciding on a title and cover early-on in the writing process, is that it will give you a chance to start promoting it through social media channels and your website.You'll be able to engage your potential audience and the earlier you can do that, the better.Get to know your potential readers. Makes the review process that much more personal.

If you're not a professional graphic designer definitely veer away from trying to make one yourself because your hard work deserves better. People actually do judge a book by it's cover, so you afford to screw up this step. I think the two main factors people judge a book by, is the cover and the reviews (covered reviews extensively in previous blog post). You have to get both of them right.

The concept of the cover of The Voss Coin was to convey the code behind this revolutionary digital currency but also hinting at a futuristic and dangerous reality. The cover should trigger within you a feeling of suspense and curiosity leading to the novel itself, which is an unforgettable journey of suspense, action, greed and sex. The book lightly touches on the points of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency but in a self explanatory manner. You definitely don't need any technical experience to understand it. It's an edge of your seat thriller, not a digital asset guide book. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime. At this stage, I would love to hear your thoughts regarding the cover.       




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