Top Three Books of the Week

It was particularly difficult this week to narrow it down to the top three books with so many excellent new novels coming thick and fast. These selected titles are uniquely contrasting but equally captivating. No more sifting through the endless expanse called the Amazon library, the links below are directly for Amazon's kindle version:

Mars by Asja Bakić

 Mars by Asja Bakić

This compelling novel by Bosnian Author Asja Bakić explores unique an strange universes, where every character is faced with making sense of their existence. It delves into the modern challenges and aspirations that accompany knowledge, power and freedom. This book was translated to English by Jennifer Zoble and is written in a sarcastic prose with great humour, creating a thoroughly enjoyable read.

If, Then by Kate Hope Day

If, Then by Kate Hope Day

This is another suspenseful novel that blurs the lines of reality. Four neighbours in the serene area of Clearing, Oregon - find their lives in upheaval when they discover parallel versions of themselves in alternate reality. This novel is brilliantly written mind bender that will drive you deep into the midst of self discovery and the analysis of all the possible versions of yourself that may exist. Kate Hope Day has woven a masterpiece of a novel and it's an absolute must read.

Wolf Pack (A Joe Pickett Novel book 19)

Wolf Pack by C.J Box


Joe Pickett is back and it's with a bang. This time he is up against four cold blooded assassins that operate on behalf of the  Sinaloa Cartel and are known as the wolf pack. While the bodies keep adding up in Joe's area, he is faced with the most dangerous situation he's ever had to handle. For fans of the New York times best selling author, C.J. Box, this novel is another enjoyable and solid addition to the Joe Pickett series.

Have an awesome week and happy reading. 

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