Writer's Block - There Is A Way!

There is a quote by Charles Bukowski that aptly describes this topic, "Writing about writer's block is better than not writing at all."  This quote is a true pearl of wisdom, nothing like experience.  Whatever field of writing you may be in, author, journalist, blogger, editor, etc; at some stage you are going to feel like you cannot string a sentence together. When that feeling creeps in, your gut is going to tell you to leave it alone. Take break, go grab some coffee and try again another day. Although, that may work for some, it can smother you deep in the clutches of a bad habit. A routine whereby at the first sign of a creative stumbling block, your mind is screaming, "Run for the hills."  You don't want to have a chip on your shoulder when writing is one of the most rewarding forms of artwork. It's so engrossing, that everything revolves around the words on the page. You are in a timeless creative bubble, a sort of futuristic time machine. Sounds good, but how do I deal with it?

I think what Charles Bukowski meant is that write whatever comes, without judging whether it's good or bad. You can always review it another time and rewrite it to your satisfaction. I want to be clear that getting words onto a page is not everything but it's a beginning and when you are in a writer's block it could be the difference between a small bump in your creative path or a mountain. Everyone at some stage in life has to face their mountain but writing should definitely not be one of them. Always write free and without prejudice. 



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