Eye For Her: A gripping psychological thriller

Eye For Her: A gripping psychological thriller

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In celebration of my new release EYE FOR HER, all new subscribers to my community will receive my previous novel, The Voss Coin, ebook for FREE on June 17, 2020.  You can sign up in the footer below or click on the yellow FREE EBOOK tag.



In the dark and alone with no recollection? Hell is a place on earth.

Abigail Blake’s life in Portland is seemingly perfect: a doting husband, a long-awaited newborn child, and a successful career in architecture.


One evening, Abigail is cradling her baby and gazing at the water beneath their vacation cabin at the Lake of the Woods. She is awaiting her husband, Robert, to arrive for dinner. But, he would never arrive. In fact, it would be her last memory of them together as a family.

Abigail wakes up in utter darkness, blindfolded, and chained to the bed. A leather constraint around her throat. Frightened and confused, she screams out, pleading for help. She’s not alone, but in the care of the medical team for the criminally insane and accused of the most horrendous and unnatural crime. However, this is no ordinary asylum, and it carries a tragic secret that will forever shatter her reality.